Interview for InnSage: “Kaleidoscope of my French life”

Innsaga: “Have you ever tried to describe the colour of a kaleidoscope mosaic picture? That’s about as close as I can get to describing our Thursday night premiere heroine. A turn and she is a successful business consultant, a turn and she is a writer whose book is fighting for the literary prize in Brazil, a turn and she is a poetess with beautiful lyrics, a turn and she is a person who achieved success in a foreign country, a turn and she is the founder of the White Phoenix literary club. The multi-faceted and beautiful Olga de Benoist at your service!”

Olga de Benoist: In this interview I talk about my life over the last ten years: my integration in France, my profession as a business consultant, how to start a business in France, my literary journey, translations and publications, my creative voice and my new surrealistic book, The Devil of Père Lachaise Cemetery, in which Oscar Wilde plays cards with Molière and the figures on the cards intervene and play along with them (the book is to be released this year).

“The French are orderly chaos”. Olga de Benoist

Of course, I also talk about the White Phoenix Literature Club, writer friends Elena Yakubsfeld, Natalie Kho, Olga Lalagel, and the divine premonitions that so often visit us.

I talk about why Kafka wouldn’t exist without his work, how I have creative trances and epiphanies, how books predict the future, what happens when the cup overflows, how unbearable it is to live with a writer, and also about how I’ve managed to be both an oversensitive child and the heroine from The Devil Wears Prado, to go a long way, which is not over yet, but still has a beginning.

The first half of the interview is about my business career and the second half about my creative career.

Olga de Benoist (@OlgadeBenoist) is a Paris-based author, photographer & blogger. She is the author of the book "The Age of Rain" ("Время дождя" (RU) or "O Choro da Chuva" (BR)), a collection of short stories about Paris, its music, dreamers, lovers & the rain. She also works on the art project "People & The City".

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