The book “O Choro da Chuva” Inspires Brazilian designers

One of my dreams has come true – I once dreamed of designing beautiful dresses and creating haute couture designs. And now, my book “The Age of Rain” (translated into Portuguese as “O Choro da Chuva”) has inspired Brazilian designers to create a clothing collection based on my characters.

O Choro da Chuva - Olga de Benoist
O Choro da Chuva, Olga de Benoist (Pergunta Fixar, Brazil, 2019)

All this was possible thanks to my publisher Andrey do Amaral from Pergunta Fixar. The fashion show took place on September 16, 2023, but I only wrote this article today.

Here are two clothing collections inspired by “The Age of Rain” presented at the fashion show in Brazil:

Meire Ferreira Collection (Insta @meireferreiraatelie)

  • A dress with pages in Portuguese from my short story “The Age of Rain” (inspired by my favorite character, the Rain Man, based on Vincent Van Gogh), created by designer Maire Ferreira.
  • A beautiful suit, visible in the attached images
Meire Ferreira - Olga de Benoist
Meire Ferreira - Olga de Benoist
Meire Ferreira - Olga de Benoist
Meire Ferreira - Olga de Benoist
Meire Ferreira - Olga de Benoist

Fashion Show by the Elisa Hilst Brand at the Vestindo Cultura Event

  • Inspired by the book “The Age of Rain” (O Choro da Chuva). I don’t know which characters inspired the collection’s author, perhaps it’s more about the book’s atmosphere. But I like it a lot too!


I am amazed that my first published book lives its own life and travels around the world! It has been presented at several book fairs in different countries, translated into several languages, and even adapted into an audiobook (by the Swedish publishing house WAPI) and a theater play on a Parisian stage (“La tarte aux cerises”).

And all this, practically without my intervention. It’s a bit like giving birth to a child and being amazed by their successes and adventures in this world!

Olga de Benoist (@OlgadeBenoist) is a Paris-based author, photographer & blogger. She is the author of the book "The Age of Rain" ("Время дождя" (RU) or "O Choro da Chuva" (BR)), a collection of short stories about Paris, its music, dreamers, lovers & the rain. She also works on the art project "People & The City".

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