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“O Choro da Chuva” Published In Brazil

O Choro da Chuva - Olga de Benoist
The book "O Choro da Chuva" has been published in Portuguese in the Brazilian publishing house Pergunta Fixar. Listen to the music of the city, and get acquainted with its mythical characters such as Rain man, Catcher of Music, A Magic Bird, a Dancing Girl, Europe & Asia, modern Tessey and Ariadna. Love and death, a star road, metro mazes, dreams and reality, the shining darkness of night, eroticism and innocence, wealth and poverty, tears and happiness, Christmas and spring - and all this with a light haze of rain.
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The Age of Rain: Paris of the 21st Century

время дождя ольга де бенуа
Olga de Benoist set herself a task to portray "careless and shining Paris", the Paris, seen through the eyes of young hippies and hipsters, the darlings of fortune. Her characters love life, they know how to enjoy it and still they are obsessed with an existential pathos. Every now and then they say, "Who are we? Why do we live?" (Konstantin Grishine's literary review of the book The Age of Rain)
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